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March 2011
After the very long, snowy winter months, Mother Nature brings us March and the joyfulness of the #3. How appropriate that March brings us more sunshine, expansion and surges of new energy which truly represent the #3. The ever pervasive smiley face icon is just perfect for this effervescent, creative and oh, so optimistic, happy spirit.

For those with the #3 in their Numerology Charts and especially as their birthday number influence, there is no tomorrow only now! Instant gratification is their favorite buzz word.

The channeling of this very intense exuberant energy can sometimes be hyper, dramatic and over-reactive to events. Unfortunately, therefore, when no outlet for all this creativity is available, the #3 personality can become chaotic, disorganized and bogged down with the trivial.

In Tarot cards, #3 is associated with THE EMPRESS card which represents the ultimate creative force in life.  This is a most appropriate symbol for #3 as it often has a tendency towards faddishness and an intoxicating love of luxury.  There is nothing more important to the #3 than of use its imagination to beautify, create and expand.

The down side of this is a possible personality of self-centeredness, laziness, critical and scattered behaviors.

In Esoteric Numerology, the #3 is about one’s VALUES.  Frequently, the soul in previous incarnations, has a misplaced value system so focused on the material that in this lifetime, material losses are used to flip the value system into the more spiritual.

In Numerology, letters in a birth name have numeral equivalents and thus, #3 is coded to the letters C, L, and U.  If we juxtapose these letters, however, they spell LUC which perfectly describes the good fortunes that come along for #3.

Often associated with the astrological fire sign of Leo and the marvelous “good luck” planet of Jupiter, the #3 expands like a balloon whatever is being focused on.

In relationships, the #3 dislikes being subordinate to anyone and is always just a few mental steps ahead of the crowd wondering why everyone is not on the “same page”?
A warm, generous, loyal, sometimes impulsive and flirtatious personality, #3 can certainly be the best host and hostess in town as well as the proverbial life of the party.

Gifted with an ability to be shrewd, original, observant and a hard worker but only on whatever it is really interested in, the #3 can move to the top of any business.

The essence of the #3 is a bubbling enthusiasm that creates joy, brings forth an inner beauty from within out to others and thus showers all who are graced by its presence with the natural sweetness and fragrance of spring and the month of March.

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