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This is a day of restless energy when sitting behind a computer may create hives on a person!  Get out and move your body as this high energy needs to "run it off" somehow. The (#14) represents "the active sexual principle" so flirting may abound. Caution and careful about risk taking.

The day's energy is great for communications, marketing, publishing and all around chatter dealing with new projects, even those that seem a bit "far out!" There is an element of risk in the air but just think things through a bit, first.

The (#14) is one of the heavy duty Karma numbers about addiction issues to abuse so those who may be dealing with this issue may find themselves really dealing with this issue today.

Marketing, publication, communicating and progressive thinking are all supported today.

The buzz words for today are freedom, rebellious, resourceful and quick thinking.

"Joy is your birthright"
...Sarah Ban Breathnach

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